Give our kids the gift of life and support I-185

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Nearly 50 percent of high school students in the Gallatin Valley have smoked an electronic vapor product. What’s the problem with that? These devices can contain high doses of nicotine, which get our kids addicted, negatively affects their developing brain, and down the road, shortens their life and costs our health care system millions of dollars.

And that’s where I-185 comes into play. This initiative will raise the state’s relatively low tobacco excise tax of 87 cents to $2 for every pack of cigarettes and finally starts taxing e-cigarettes. Research shows tobacco taxes are one of the most effective tools for reducing smoking.

The tobacco industry knows that tobacco taxes work to reduce smoking. That is why they have spent more than $9 million to defeat I-185 — the largest amount ever spent to fight a tobacco tax increase in the state.

Vote yes for I-185 so Montanans, especially our children, can be healthier and live longer lives.

Pepper Henyon, MD