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LTE: Salomon’s pivotal role in Medicaid expansion

John Fleming, Missoulian

Last week, the Montana Legislature passed House Bill 658, finally bringing to a welcome end the fight to continue Medicaid expansion. The bill is the product of months of debate and compromise, colored by fervent activism and moving testimony from Montanans across the state.

Our Sen. Dan Salomon deserves special recognition for being a key part of the working majority that made this achievement possible, and one of the few remaining Republican senators willing to work across the aisle in order to do what’s right and necessary for his constituents.

Further, Senator Salomon had the courage to stand up on the Senate Floor and defend his vote, speaking truth to his party leadership and setting the record straight on Medicaid expansion after sitting through a barrage of misleading talking points cascading from his side of the aisle.

Thank you, senator, for being a strong, independent voice in the legislature. Montana is a better state for having you.

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